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Texas Job #1 2295

$3,264.00 $2,295.00
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1.      Inspect all solar panels

2.      Clean 51 solar panels

3.      Clean solar panels with Nano Prep

4.      Install Nanopower SC on the 51 solar panels

5.      Cure and dry the Nanopower SC

6.      Register warranty on all 51 solar panels






We are able to begin the project as soon as the 20th of June 2017


Provide all insurances with the contract


This project is to be priced as one entire job to allow the maximum quantity discount pricing.


The discounts are as follows:


Under 400 solar panels, the pricing is $64.00 per solar panel in the standard modular


We are discounting the installation of these solar panels to reflect pricing for 400+ solar panels, which is $45.00 per panel, as we anticipate Momentum Bay Associates, LLP to be over that total amount by the end of the year 2017



Payments are to be made online on the Nanopower International LLC Store to protect customer funds



Please see other documents for the insurance, warranty, and warranty registration


Pricing for 51 solar panels to be installed with Nanopower SC       $3,264.00

Discounts for quantity discount pricing for over 400 panels                  -$969.00             

Total for project of 51 solar panels                                                       $2,295.00



Project to be installed at:


Brenham Texas